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Boxers are prone to head-related injuries in the boxing ring, and that is why it is important to invest in the right headgear. Before you set about buying any piece of protective gear, go through the variety of best headgear by MMA Gear Addict. For all related boxing news, videos, and schedules, is the best source of information.

Someone who is practicing boxing will need a different headgear from a person who is into MMA. This is why you must do some research to find out what suits you best.

Why Use Headgear?
One of the common notions is that wearing a headgear will protect your skull from injuries. The truth is that during a fight, when your brain rocks against the skull, it can lead to concussions, whether you are wearing a protective gear or not. One of the best solutions to preventing a seizure-like episode is to steer clear of the punches on the head.

The golden rule is that a headgear is like an additional blanket of security against punches and blows. This does not translate to immunity against any kind of head injury.

Decoding Boxing and MMA

Boxing involves the use of fists while fighting the opponents. In the game of Muay Thai, fighters use their elbows, fists, knees, and shins. If you have ever watched these fighters you will notice that they are not refined in boxing, since they have to be proficient in other fighting techniques.

What about MMA? Mixed martial artists make use of their feet to deliver a blow, and they adopt a wide range of grappling techniques, Judo-throwing, and other ground-fighting methods.

Choosing The Right Headgear
So, you are all set to make a leap from learning to sparring in the ring. The first task at hand is to find the right headgear. Whether you are into kickboxing or MMA, these tips will come handy on your next buying spree.
1. Comfort
This one tops the list. When you buy a headgear, look for the comfort factor. The gear must not be ill-fitting or obstruct your face. There is nothing more distracting than to constantly keep adjusting the headgear just when the opponent is about to strike a punch on your face. Look for a headgear that is lightweight.

2. Leather is a good choice
Ensure that you buy headgear designed using good quality leather. If you compromise on the money factor, the headgear can do a lot of damage to your head. A headgear that is poorly designed or misshapen can also cause damage to your head.

3. Climatic Conditions
If your country has hot and humid weather conditions, you must buy a headgear that offers you sweat protection. Go for the open face gear as it checks excessive sweating.

4. Visibility
The right headgear is one that offers you maximum visibility. There should be no obstruction and you must have proper visibility of the incoming blows.

5. Coverage
A headgear that provides complete protection offers less visibility. Some are fitted with a cage-like structure which adds to poor visibility. If you are bothered about getting struck on the head, you should go for the one that provides complete coverage, though you will be losing out on the visibility factor.

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