How To Get More Storage Area From A Small Closet

How To Get More Storage Area From A Small Closet

Aug. 29, 2017 by

Are you among those people who feel you do not have enough space to store your stuff. The chances are that you have not organized your closet by moving unwanted stuff. But even after you have cleared the undesired things you are still short of space there are many hacks that you can employ to get that extra space. You can add many accessories from Lifestyle WA to expand your shelves. Experts at say that with those accessories you can use up every inch of floor to the ceiling to give you that extra closet space.

Before you head out to the nearest store to buy more storage solutions, look at what your needs are:
The number of pants, shirts, skirts you have and how many you want to hang. You would ideally want to fold your jeans and check for any hangers that you have free to start hanging your shirts and pants.
Look for things at home like shoe racks, book shelves, etc. that you can use for that extra storage.
Next, analyze your closet space, if you have a lot of seasonal clothes, then organizing them will be a top priority. If you have school or office supplies, then floor space will be needed as they are usually heavy.

Add an extender rod to hang more clothes
Using double hangers or extender bars you can increase the available hanging space. More space to hang means that you will not be stacking the clothes as you would normally do but hang them. An extender rod is a speedy and easy way of increasing space.

Using the area of the closet
If you have things that you are not currently using the shoes or other seasonal clothing you can remove them from the closet and make use of the floor storage options like the cubbies. You can also move those off-season clothes to the uppermost part of the closet.

Basket options
If your shelves are occupied with small items, you can use a basket to stuff them. This basket can also be used to stack your Discs, used towels, slippers, etc. The advantage of using baskets is that it can be stored anywhere and if you are storing everyday contents in them you will be able to quickly grab the item as you can have a look at the entire basket.

Use the closet doors
The wall of the door is a good hanging option in your wardrobe; they are an excellent way to store not only shoes but a whole lot of accessories and clothes. Check online to get a range of products like hooks, shoe pockets, racks, etc.

Maximize usage of upper shelf
A shelf divider is a good way to make use of the top shelf. Though you can use baskets, a shelf divider will help you divide the space and the clothes and accessories can be easily viewed and hence fewer hassles when picking the things, you want. Another advantage of a shelf divider is that the stacked clothes will not fall over each other and mess your stack.